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One Direction won’t play in Jakarta because the fans aren’t buying records

By | Published on Tuesday 9 October 2012

One Direction

The message from Sony Music Indonesia to pop loving kids in the country is clear. Buy some flippin records or you won’t be getting any One Direction concerts.

According to The Jakarta Post, the MD of Sony’s base in the region, Toto Widjojo, said at a press conference yesterday: “One Direction cannot come to Indonesia because they see rampant CD piracy and rising illegal downloads here. [One Direction’s] album sales are not as high [here] as those in Australia”.

He added that if the group’s CD sales increased in the region, he could foresee a day when the 1D boys might grace Indonesia with a visit.

Of course a cynic might argue that if 1D aren’t selling any records in Jakarta, but there’s a definite fanbase there, then live activity should be stepped up in the city so to allow the group to access their fans’ rupiahs that way. Though presumably Sony Music Indonesia has no vested interest in that approach.