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One Media IP acquires Don Williams catalogue

By | Published on Monday 19 July 2021

Don Williams

One Media IP has acquired the majority of the publishing catalogue of late country star Don Williams.

Talking up the potential of the country genre across the world, One Media iP Group CEO Michael Infante says: “There has been a steady rise in the popularity of country music in the UK and Europe, with events such as the Country 2 Country festival, which have drawn in huge crowds in recent years”.

As for the artist whose catalogue his company has just acquired, he adds: “Don Williams – like Johnny Cash – is revered by younger artists, which has in turn fed through to a new generation of fans. In life he was known as the Gentle Giant… and in his musical legacy we believe we have a Sleeping Giant, as fans of all generations are drawn to his timeless music”.

A key reason for Williams’ estate doing the deal seems to be concerns that the musician’s songs are being made available without authorisation on digital music services. One Media IP says its AI-powered Technical Copyright Analysis Tool has the ability to track unauthorised streams back six years in order to claim unpaid royalties.

“One Media will work in partnership with the Don Williams estate to ensure his legacy is protected and promoted for many years to come, with our state-of-the-art TCAT software”, says Infante.

The deal covers Williams 70s and 80s output, including hits such as ‘Till The Rivers All Run Dry’, ‘I Recall A Gypsy Woman’ and ‘Tulsa Time’ .