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Onkyo begins roll out of high quality audio download store

By | Published on Tuesday 10 February 2015


If high-quality audio streaming is niche, well, high-quality audio downloads, that’s the future, right? I think you all know what big fans we are of Pono.

Anyway, Japan-based high-quality audio download service e-onkyo – the download store set-up by consumer electronics firm Onkyo – is now live in the US, the UK and Germany. And the company has ambitions to make e-onkyo, or just Onkyo Music outside of Japan, the “largest hi-resolution music download store”. Which I think requires it to be one inch larger than Pono. Which seems achievable. Build a bigger pyramid I say.

The roll out of the ten year old service beyond Japan follows the firm’s previously reported alliance with 7digital, first announced last year. An a-la-carte set-up, pricing will vary, but albums will cost around $15-$20 and individual tracks around $3-$4.

Confirming the roll out, Onkyo’s Kevin Miyagi said yesterday: “As one of the world’s leading hi-fi/home theatre manufacturers we can now provide music lovers with a full end-to-end hi-res audio experience. Whether customers choose to listen on the move via headphones or at home via their stereo system or AV receiver, Onkyo wants them to be able to choose from the widest range of music, delivered – with the highest fidelity – to the devices they want to use… that’s our mission”.

This article, by the way, was written in high quality words. Can you READ THE DIFFERENCE. Yes? Good. Well, that will be an extra £10 please.