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Original Sugababes line-up reforms

By | Published on Monday 9 January 2012


The original three members of the Sugababes РKeisha Buchanan, Siobhan Donaghy and Mutya Buena  Рhave reformed and have recorded new material, according to Popjustice.

However, on account of some other Sugababes currently using that name, they’ll have to think of something else to call themselves thanks to Buena’s previously reported trademark application only entitling her to use ‘Sugababes’ on stationery and other paper-based products. Sebabagus has quite a nice ring to it, particularly if they decide to move into black metal.

Sadly though, a metal rebirth seems unlikely, given reports the reformed Babes plan to work with pop production types Xenomania. But they may well turn out some inventive pop, which would be nice. No deals have been signed yet, but talks are under way and are apparently progressing in a promising manner.