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Pandora adds family plan

By | Published on Tuesday 29 May 2018


US streaming firm Pandora has added a new family plan to its premium offer. Imagine that, a family plan! They’re such innovators at Pandora. Never before has anyone ever read the Spotify website, noticed that it offers a family plan for $15 a month, and then copied that entirely in such an innovative way.

Though, to be fair, Pandora got in first when it came to being a publicly listed streaming music company. What took you so long Spotify? Copycats! I bet you’ve based your entire future as a publicly listed business on Pandora, haven’t you? I look forward to the share price slumps, stalled subscriber growth and tricky management overhauls.

Only joking, it’ll all be fine I’m sure. Unless Pandora’s sneaky move into family plans takes away all the families of America from your service. After all, their plan allows six family members to participate, while yours accommodates just five people. Six people! Such innovation over there at Pandora. Oh, Apple Music’s family plan is for six people?

Pandora, of course, ramped up its premium offer last year, the vast majority of its users still utilising the firm’s ad-funded free personalised radio set-up. The premium ramp up included Pandora¬†launching a fully on-demand option¬†putting it into direct competition with Spotify and Apple Music for the first time.