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Partisan Records launches new publishing division

By | Published on Wednesday 30 March 2022

Craig Michie

Indie label Partisan Records has formally announced the launch of a new music publishing division to be called Left Music, which will tap the admin support of Sony Music Publishing. Although the new publishing business will be run out of LA, the tie-up with Sony is via the major’s UK division.

Left Music, led by Craig Michie, has been in development for a while and already has a catalogue of over 1500 works, including music from Elizabeth Fraser, Novo Amor, Unkle, Vicky Nguyen, Josh Crocker and Kate Bollinger.

Partisan says the new division will operate as a standalone business while “working in tandem with and embodying the same collective values” as the record company.

Commenting in the new venture, Michie says: “We define ourselves by what we do for our writers, we are ever present. I think sometimes people forget that songwriters are actually people. We believe an inspired and supported songwriter leads to fantastic songs that are cherished. Left Music is close with its people. In the great times we hug, in the bad times we hug. We live by helping our writers realise their ambitious dreams”.

On the Sony partnership, he adds: “Sony Music Publishing has also been an incredible sibling to us; their professionalism and support is unrivalled and we couldn’t be happier to partner with [its co-UK MD] Tim Major and the SMP team”.

Meanwhile, Partisan Records Founder and CEO Tim Putnam says: “We were looking to start a publishing company for a while and had a clear vision of what we wanted that publishing company to be. In meeting Craig, it all just felt natural, and what we collectively stand for related to values is the same”.

“Left serves Left, and Partisan serves Partisan, working in tandem to serve the writers/artists first and foremost”, he goes on. “We A&R to add value, perspective, and opportunities for our clients with their best interests in mind. That is what being artist friendly is all about”.