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Patrick Wolf announces new album

By | Published on Friday 11 March 2016

Patrick Wolf

UPDATE: Hey, so it turns out this is all a hoax. Bit of a weird hoax, but a hoax nonetheless. However, a spokesperson for Patrick Wolf informs us that he is currently in the studio recording a new album.

Patrick Wolf is back everybody! After a five year hiatus, new album ‘Wildawake’ will be unleashed later this year, with first track ‘Wild Life’ out later this month.

Wolf’s new LP will also come with a film (a documentary) and a May tour, though no papier mâché is involved as far as we are aware. But Wolf did give us a suitable bizarre quote, telling us: “Today I put my ear to the ground and heard the beat of dancing bears, roar of the captive crowd, these dismal stories do ourselves confound, but I just want to wild awake, wake the wild sound”. Hmm, maybe those are lyrics. It’s not clear.

But on first single ‘Wild Life’ Wolf is a bit clearer, declaring: “This is a big hit song that I have been sitting on for the sequel to ‘The Bachelor’ that I had plans to debut at the Eurovision Song Contest”.

There’s a snippet of the new track here, and you’ll be able to download it for free from on 30 Mar.