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Paul McCartney praises Tenacious D’s “imaginative” Beatles cover

By | Published on Friday 2 July 2021

Tenacious D

Paul McCartney has praised a Beatles medley released by Tenacious D in aid of Médecins Sans Frontières, calling it “so imaginative and so well performed”.

The track released by the duo – actors Jack Black and Kyle Gass – combines two songs from The Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’ album, ‘You Never Give Me Your Money’ and ‘The End’.

Tweeting about the release, McCartney said: “This Tenacious D cover of our song is fantastic! It’s so imaginative and so well performed. What a great tribute to the original. Guys – I love it”.

So that’s nice then. Even if it does read a bit like he’s praising a four year old for banging on an ice cream tub they’ve decorated. And I’m not sure an ice cream tub is banged even once during the whole the track.

Whatever, you can watch the video for the medley here: