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Paysafecard joins IFPI’s anti-piracy programme

By | Published on Friday 16 December 2011


Pre-pay debit card company Paysafecard, which allows consumers to shop online by paying in advance at a PayPoint shop, and then spending that money online with a card, is the latest online payment firm to sign up to the programme run by the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry and the City Of London Police, designed to make it impossible for websites selling copyright infringing content to accept payments.

The big credit card companies, PayPal and PhonepayPlus are among those already signed up to the programme, and now Paysafecard will stop websites selling unlicensed music from taking payments via their cards too. Paysafecard says that it has always prohibited users from using their cards to pay for illegal goods, but that by being affiliated to the IFPI/COLP scheme the company will be able to identify offending websites quicker.

Welcoming the latest participants into its anti-piracy programme, IFPI CEO Frances Moore told CMU: “I am delighted the Paysafecard group is joining the growing coalition of internet intermediaries that are committed to proactively tackling online infringement. We want the digital marketplace to be a safe and legal environment that will deter piracy and encourage the development of legitimate services. The cooperation with the City Of London Police is helping achieve that.”