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Peermusic confirms new agreement with IMPEL

By | Published on Wednesday 11 February 2015


Music publisher Peermusic has announced a new alliance with IMPEL, the scheme – and now separate entity – set up by UK mechanical rights collecting society MCPS to represent the mechanical side of song copyrights on a multi-territory basis in the digital domain for independent publishing companies. Which was a long sentence. Maybe read it through again.

Peermusic was, it says here, the first independent publisher to embark on pan-European licensing back in 2008, and its European President, Nigel Elderton, has now joined the newly formed IMPEL board. Although the PRS For Music company continues to manage both MCPS and IMPEL licensing, it now does so as a service provider, since MCPS ceased to be a shareholder in that business in 2013.

Confirming its new deal with the ramped up IMPEL, Peermusic CEO Ralph Peer II told reporters: “We are delighted to confirm our new agreement and look forward to developing the strength of our relationship with IMPEL. We have every confidence in IMPEL’s new leadership, governance and services”.

Meanwhile Jane Dyball, who leads both MCPS and IMPEL, added: “I’m delighted both personally and on behalf of IMPEL that we can continue to represent Peermusic’s fantastic catalogue which ranges from evergreens to current hits. IMPEL is creating a ‘must-have’ repertoire for digital services, of which Peer is a cornerstone. Furthermore, to have Nigel as a member of the newly-founded IMPEL Board, is the icing on the cake”.