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People stream David Guetta tracks quite a lot, shocker

By | Published on Tuesday 23 June 2015

David Guetta

David Guetta has just passed the all important two billion plays landmark on Spotify, only the third artist to ever do so. And it is “all important”. It really is.

Just because you, me, my mum, your mum, that bloke I spoke to on the tube last night, Francis, Marc, Mildred, all the guys at my local Pret, the 47 people who were conveniently sitting on the number 47 bus this morning, the entire population of Malta, everyone in this office, everyone in your office, my old history teacher, Piers Morgan, Bill Maher, Jennifer Aniston, everyone taking a flag to Glastonbury this weekend, everyone performing at the Edinburgh Fringe this August, everyone whoever read a Harry Potter book, the entire House Of Lords, those currently on bail for minor thefts, climate change deniers, pigeon fanciers, deep sea divers, quilt makers, and pretty much everyone outside Guetta’s marketing team and Spotify’s PR office, including even the craziest of the French, couldn’t give the slightest shit about it, that doesn’t stop it being all important.

Though please note: this information is pending guidance from Taylor Swift. We’ll keep an eye on her Tumblr. It may as yet turn out it isn’t all that important after all.