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Pet Shop Boys write song for Bassey

By | Published on Thursday 12 March 2009

Chris Lowe has confirmed rumours that the Pet Shop Boys have written a track for Shirley Bassey.

Asked by Gigwise if the rumours were true, Lowe responded: “How do you know this? My goodness the internet’s bloody good isn’t it? I didn’t think anyone knew about that. Well… we’ve written a song for Shirley Bassey which we’ve heard she likes so that’s all I know and I think she’s making an album with John Arnold so… wow, I’m amazed that’s on the internet!”

On the subject of the duo’s recent receipt of the Outstanding Contribution Brit Award last month, he said this: “Awards are not the be all and end all to us, they remind me a bit too much of prize giving at school, I’ve always thought that the music itself was the reward, but this one was nice because it was all the record companies who voted to give it to us and that means something”.