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Pete Doherty shop really a thing

By | Published on Tuesday 13 August 2013

Pete Doherty

Oh dear. Pete Doherty has gone and done what he said he’d do earlier this year, and started selling ‘rare’ personal memorabilia at a stall in Camden’s Stables Market. Amongst the things on sale are cigarette butts supposedly once smoked by Kate Moss and Amy Winehouse (£100), wrapping paper (£200), vintage tin cans (also £200) and ‘messages in a bottle’ containing Pete’s secret scribblings (priceless).

If you want, you can take a virtual look at the shop, which is called ‘Doherty & Martin: The Rag & Bone Collection’, via this Noisey article charting a bizarre real-life visit in which Pete sings ‘Big Spender’ and falls asleep on a typewriter. That, or look at its ‘official’ site. Oh dear.