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Petition calls for Aylesbury to be renamed, ahead of David Bowie statue unveiling

By | Published on Monday 19 March 2018

David Bowie

Already pushing its vague David Bowie links somewhat with the installation of a statue of the late musician, a petition has now been launched calling for Aylesbury to change its name to Aylesbowie.

The possibly not entirely serious petition has been set up by promoter and artist manager David Stopps, who also ran the successful crowdfunding campaign to raise money to build a Bowie statue in Aylesbury’s Market Square. That statue is due to finally be unveiled at an event later this week.

That square is immortalised in the first line of Bowie’s song ‘Five Years’. The musician also debuted songs from his ‘Hunky Dory’ and ‘Ziggy Stardust’ albums in the town.

“We live in an era of constant change”, says the petition. “Throughout history towns and cities have had their names change … The Bowie statue will give an enormous boost to tourism in the area so please join us in calling for the town to be renamed Aylesbowie”.

Even though it would make everyone who talks about Aylesbury sound like they have a speech impediment, it doesn’t seem likely that the campaign will end in success.

Although a spokesperson for Buckinghamshire County Council did tell the BBC that it’s “an interesting idea”. Not interesting enough for a permanent change, though. The local authority instead suggested that, on the day the statue is revealed, “we could all think ‘Aylesbowie’ – just for one day”.

Ha ha, yes, well done. If you like that idea, then head down to AylesBURY this Sunday at 2pm to see the statue revealed and think about the name of the town differently. Or you can sign the petition calling for a more permanent change here.