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Pharrell sets 2117 release date for new single to highlight action on climate change (and cognac)

By | Published on Thursday 16 November 2017

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams has written and recorded a new song which will be released in 100 years, if the only copy of the track hasn’t been destroyed by rising sea levels due to climate change. The musician says the record is “a call to arms” to do something to protect the planet. You know, so that future generations can hear his music. Although, mainly, the project is to promote cognac brand Louis XIII.

The only recording of the song has been pressed onto a piece of vinyl made out of clay from the Louis XIII vineyard and sealed in a safe that is not waterproof. If sea levels rise too high, the safe will fill with water and the record will be destroyed. If not, in 2117 someone will definitely be cracking open that safe and finding a turntable to play it on. Although, the record will almost certainly have disintegrated by then anyway, due to normal atmospheric conditions.

“In 2017, I, Pharrell Williams, created a song that will be publicly released in 100 years”, says Williams. “But only if we care about the planet. It’s an artistic project that will disappear forever if global warming continues. It’s a call to action for people to care about the planet now before it’s too late. And, well, if in 2117 they indeed listen to my song, it means something went right”.

Yeah, you heard the man. Don’t just sit around drinking cognac, get to work on saving humanity from destruction by its own hand.

Here’s a video explaining the project further: