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Pharrell to blame for Calvin Harris breaking singing ban

By | Published on Thursday 22 September 2016

Calvin Harris

Back in 2010, Calvin Harris said he was going to stop singing. “Zero percent of my time will go on singing”, he said.

Then in 2012, he released ‘Feel So Close’, which featured him singing. And in 2014, he released ‘Summer’, which featured him singing. And last week he released ‘My Way’, which, you guessed it, features his very own voice doing some singing. So Calvin Harris is a liar. But whose fault is it really? As with most things, it’s that bloody Pharrell Williams.

“There’s only so far you can go with a voice like mine”, Harris told Zane Lowe on that Beats 1 this week. “There’s limited range”.

But then in comes Pharrell with his ‘advice’.

“Pharrell told me something about hitting the notes. Occasionally people try to persuade me to sing again, and he’s one of those people. He said some of the most memorable and character voices that we have – including himself – it’s not about hitting the notes. It’s about getting the emotion and the feeling and the character across”.

Pfft, Pharrell. What does he know? Silly, multi-platinum-selling, Midas-touch-possessing producer and songwriting genius Pharrell. Oh sure, all the singles Harris has sung on in recent years have been massive hits. But still, that hat Pharrell wore once didn’t take off, did it? So what does Pharrell really know?