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Pharrell Williams launches media venture

By | Published on Thursday 17 May 2012

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams, he of NERD and entrepreneurial solo renown, has established a “content-driven property” called i am OTHER.

Part record label, part social media enterprise, part symbiotic partnership with United Entertainment Group, the new venture will sign up arty types from various genres (aka “multifaceted, pro-active people who live outside the box and aren’t confined by categories”) and develop products, services or events that their fans can spend cash on. Or something like that. Signings to the new company so far include clean-cut viral misfit Chris Cab.

“It’s for people who think ‘other'”, says Pharrell. “It’s about delivering those experiences through products, excursions, anything that is tangible to a human that can make their life easier. A lot companies claim they can make the world better. We want to make lives easier and unlock what normally would seem impossible possible”.

And here’s the ‘KONY 2012’-style introduction to i am OTHER, which plays like a promotional video for a teen UFO cult with Pharrell as its alien overlord.