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Pitchfork movie being planned, sort of

By | Published on Friday 10 June 2011


The movie-making Duplass brothers, perhaps best known for the film ‘Cyrus’, are planning a movie with a working title of ‘Pitchfork’. And while this isn’t the music blogging equivalent of ‘The Social Network’, music blogging will be very much part of the story.

According to reports, the new film will centre on a middle-aged mother of a recently deceased young indie rocker who gets angry with a Pitchfork blogger who disses her dead son. She decides to find said blogger and give him a piece of her mind, but isn’t expecting to find the online vitriol is pouring out of a teenager. With hilarious consequences, I’m sure. Actually, it’s being pitched as more of a thriller than comedy, so possibly not.

Susan Sarandon is being tipped to play the mum, while Jonah Hill, who appeared in ‘Cyrus’, may also star in the new project.