Pixie Geldof band preview new single

By | Published on Friday 23 March 2012


Alt-celeb waif Pixie Geldof is to release debut single ‘YOU’ with her sort of new band Violet. Out via Spector/Florence associates Luv Luv Luv Records on 7 May, it’s inspired in part by Pixie’s penchant for Hole, though – that said – isn’t at all as bad as you’d imagine. In fact, I quite like it.

Says Pixie of the Hole track from which Violet borrow their moniker: “The music is dark and aggressive but it’s still a love song; there’s still a soft sentiment to it, the lyrics are fragile”.

She adds: “I like that juxtaposition in music but I’ve kind of reversed it in my work. I wanted to music to be soft but the lyrics to be darker and heavier”.

Well, that makes sense. Let’s all give Violet and ‘YOU’ a chance, shall we? After all, as was argued in the CMU office, “at least it isn’t Peaches”. Or Bob. Or Courtney.