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Pixies leave door ajar for Kim Deal

By | Published on Monday 9 June 2014


BIG DEAL PIXIES NEWS ALERT. Since we’re monitoring every single tiny event in the Pixies’ recently pretty lively timeline, here’s a new one: the band have said that their ex-bassist Kim Deal is free to be their bassist again, any time, as a place “will always be there for her”.

Deal made an exit from the Pixies crew last year, only to be replaced by The Muffs’ Kim Shattuck, only for Shattuck to be replaced by Paz Lenchantin, who’s managed to hold on to the job so far, and looks like carrying on doing so. As long as Deal doesn’t come back and take it, that is, in which case things could get really really awkward. Or, two bass players!

Speaking to NME last week, Pixies pair David Lovering and Joey Santiago said they had great faith in Lenchantin, with Santiago explaining: “If we had to pick a new bass player – if we HAVE to, absolutely – it would be Paz. I would get her vote and there wouldn’t be no other tryouts. It would just be her. She fits right in”.

Lovering added: “She’s wonderful. She’s a great bass player, she sings well, the audience loves her. And she’s making me play better because she’s such a good bass player, I don’t want to be embarrassed. When Kim left, we wished her well, and we also said she’s welcome back any time. I have no idea if she will or not. I guess if she did right now, it would be a little tough situation to be in, because we’re so happy with Paz. But it’s open… we have a lot of goodwill”.