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Plan B announces JV with EMI Music Publishing

By | Published on Friday 17 February 2012

Plan B

Plan B yesterday announced he was teaming up with EMI Music Publishing to launch his own publishing venture, Temperamental Music. The new business will see Plan B, real name Ben Drew, scouting young and new songwriters, with EMI bringing administration, licensing and sync expertise to the table.

Confirming his new venture and EMI partnership, Drew told CMU: “I’ve always wanted to be in control of my destiny and build my own empire, and this is one step closer to that. I feel I can help young musicians progress and plant some positive seeds in their heads. Before I made it I was trying to help other people, the only difference is now I’ve got a budget”.

From EMI’s side, the UK and Europe President of the major’s publishing business, Guy Moot, added: “You have to have a huge amount of respect for all that Ben has achieved not just as an artist but as a writer in the last five years. He knows what it takes to become a successful writer, and he recognises real talent when he sees it. He will bring the same strong creative vision to his publishing company that he brings to everything he else he does, and we at EMI Music Publishing are looking forward to building this new long-term relationship with him to maximise the opportunity for the writers he signs to have their music heard on a global platform”.