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Plan B defends new video, calls for more discussion of riots

By | Published on Tuesday 13 March 2012

Plan B

Plan B has defended the depiction of violence in the video for his new single ‘ill Manors’. The first track released from the soundtrack of his new film project of the same name, which sees him return to rap after his foray into soul, the video shows staged violent scenes intercut with footage of last summer’s London riots.

In a statement issued via his website yesterday, Plan B called the video “satire” and said: “The world, and this country especially, is full of contradictions. I’m just highlighting them, I’m not condoning anything. I aired my feelings about the riots very publicly when they happened and I still feel the same way”.

Saying that he feels the subject of the riots “has been swept under the carpet and forgotten about”, he added: “The point being made in my song ‘ill Manors’ is that society needs to take some responsibility for the cause of these riots. Why are there so many kids in this country that don’t feel they have a future, or care about having a criminal record?”

Providing his own theory on this, he continued: “I think one of the reasons is that there is a very public prejudice in this country towards the underclass. These kids are ridiculed in the press as they aren’t as educated as others, because they talk and dress in a certain way… but they’re not as stupid as people think … These kids have been beaten into apathy. They don’t care about society because society has made it very clear that it doesn’t care about them”.

Read Plan B’s full statement here, and watch the video for ‘ill Manors’ here: