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Plan B too busy for punk bands and bed clothes

By | Published on Wednesday 29 February 2012

Plan B

Amongst the self-confessed ‘middle aged man style critiques’ delivered by CMU Editor Andy Malt about this year’s BRIT Awards (along with “Florence Welch is just shouting” and “what exactly it this Olly Murs meant to be doing?” – see this week’s CMU podcast for more, was the observation: “Plan B looks like he’s slept in his suit”. Well, Andy Malt, perhaps he had.

The rapper has told the Daily Star he’s so flippin busy at the moment, what with all his music and acting projects, that sometimes he finds himself sleeping in his clothes. Yes, with his acting role in the movie remake of ‘The Sweeney’, his own movie venture ‘iLL Manors’ and various other music ventures, Plan B, real name Ben Drew, simply doesn’t have time to take his clothes off before going to bed. Nor, for that matter, to set up a punk band.

Admitting to the tabloid that plans to record a punk-influenced album with a new band were on hold, Drew said: “I’ve had to knock the band on the head. There are only so many hours in the day and to keep the quality levels up I’ve had to put a halt to some projects, including the band. It’s sad but I have to give my all to the things I can do. So I’m working on ‘The Sweeney’ and making a new [solo] album”.

He continued: “Life is so busy that I’m sleeping in my clothes some days. I can’t stop and I don’t want to. There’s so much I want to achieve and I owe it to the people around me to keep going. The kids around me, like the cast you’ll see in ‘iLL Manors’, have worked so hard to escape their problems. And they look up to me for what can be achieved with graft, so I can’t slow down now”.