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Plan B urges people to vote tactically on new track First Past The Post

By | Published on Tuesday 10 December 2019

Plan B

With the UK’s General Election rapidly approaching this Thursday, Plan B has released a new track called ‘First Past The Post’, deconstructing the UK’s deeply flawed electoral system but, nevertheless, encouraging young people to vote.

“It’s important that people, especially young people, are making an informed vote”, he says. “I just speak about the shit we all see. That’s why your vote matters”.

The musician’s opinions on our voting system, it turns out, are pretty fresh. In a post on his website, he explains: “Three and a half weeks ago I knew nothing about the ‘first past the post’ voting system. Writing this song has been an informative exercise for me and the only agenda I have with this video is to try to inform others before this week’s election”.

He also provides a list of websites where people can get more information on how best to vote if they’d like an outcome more likely to result in the UK staying in the EU.

Check out ‘First Past The Post’ here: