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Playlist: CMU Approved in 2016

By | Published on Monday 19 December 2016

Frank Ocean

As always, every day in 2016, except Fridays obviously, and Saturdays, and Sundays, but on every other single day, apart from bank holidays, but on all the rest, we selected artists and tracks from the ocean of new music on which we sail in order to grant them official CMU Approved status.

A total of 190 artists were approved along the way. It’s possible you missed a couple, which is a shame, because every single one of them was brilliant. It’s alright though, because we’ve been collecting them all in a Spotify playlist.

Well, most of them. Actually, 179 have the song we wrote about available on the streaming service, which is a massive improvement on previous years. All in all, that’s just shy of twelve hours of music, which should keep you going for the two weeks or so before the column returns for 2017.

It kicks off with our five artists of the year: Frank Ocean, Riz MC, Anna Meredith, Lady Leshurr and Moddi.

Listen to it all here:


Frank Ocean – Nikes
Swet Shop Boys – T5
Anna Meredith – The Vapours
Lady Leshurr – Queen’s Speech 6
Moddi – Army Dreamers
Young Juvenile Youth – Youth
Lully – Sans Chapeau
Anna Straker – Serious
Rodes Rollins – Young & Thriving
Bargou 08 – Mamchout
Bloom Twins – Set Us Free
Brutus – All Along
Sad Palace – Breeze
Jay Daniel – Knowledge Of Selfie
Alyusha – Moshi Moshi
The Very Nice Interesting Singer Man – One Step At A Time
Cavegreen – Witches Dream
Else Born – This Time/Remember
Nathan Fake & Prurient – Degreelessness
Adna – Overthinking
Avante Black – Drug Money
HMS Morris – From The Neck Down
Childcare – Film Club
Noga Erez – Dance While You Shoot
Wednesday Campanella – Aladdin
Leonie Evans – Mi Balcon
Ayelle – No Harm
Frederic Robinson – Breathing
Knight$ – What’s Your Poison
Fifi Rong – Future Never Comes
Confidence Man – Boyfriend (Repeat)
Ama Lou – TBC
worriedaboutsatan – From A Dead Man (Part 2)
Estrons – I’m Not Your Girl
Trills – Mud And Gold
Many Voices Speak – Video Child
Keir – Probably
Michelle O Faith – Birthday Blues
Wildhart – Shake Off
Yentax – Yentax Error
Andrew Broder – Apeggehater
Menace Beach – Maybe We’ll Drown
Girl Ray – Trouble
Silja Sol – Dyrene
Cosima – Girls Who Get Ready
Debz – Plastic Wrap
Robin Richards – Liquidators
Cherryade – Houdini
Paffgen – Channel View
Skott – Amelia
Sacred Paws – Everyday
Katie Gately – Lift
Prides – Are You Ready?
Conrad Schnitzler & Schneider TM – Doozer
Dany Rodriguez – November
Radian – Scary Objects
Cristian Vogel – Cubic Haze
Kelly Lee Owens – CBM
Empathy Test – Demons
Baby Baby – Hang In There
Cherry Glazerr – Told You I’d Be With The Guys
Lulu James – It’s The Time
Konni Kass – Time
Modern Studies – Dive Bombing
Soccer96 – Megadrive Lamborghini
I Am Karate – Swayze
Wovoka Gentle – When Cameron Was In Egypt’s Land, Let My Cameron Go
Vanessa Anne Redd – Behind The Wall
Cocoa Futures – The Blue
Diamond – Bad Girls
Adam Betts – Drumbones
Oddarrang – Mass I-III
Bat And Ball – Cruel Cats
Myrkur – Jeg Er Guden
SaraSara – Euphoria
Minor Victories – Cogs
Motion Graphics – Lense
Clipping – Baby Don’t Sleep
Neamo Kid – Schoolyard
Bayonne – Spectrolite
Lung Dart – Healthy Functional Tissue
The Garden – Call This # Now
Xander Harris – Buckle Bunny
Holychild – Power Play
Yip Man – For Your Own Good
The Pictish Trail – Dead Connection
Noréll – Howl
Mieux – Rust
Mass Gothic – Nice Night
Toothless -Palm’s Backside
Jerkcurb – Night On Earth
Roch – Vienna
Riz MC – Englistan
Miamigo – Forever
Tycho – Division
Will Joseph Cook – Take Me Dancing
Exploded View – Orlando
Suzanne Ciani & Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Closed Circuit
Lola Colt – Moonlight Mixing
MJ Hibbett & The Validators – 20 Things To Do Before You’re 30
Portishead – SOS
Bad Willow – Ringer
Death Team – Jump
Darkstar – Reformer (feat Empress Of)
Pascal Pinon – 53
Danny Brown – When It Rain
Efterklang – Cities Of Glass
NZCA Lines – Oh… (Call Me Back)
RABBII – New Friends
Sälen – Diseasey
Ida Long – Mannen På Taket
Villas – Fuckin Round On You
Hilary Woods – Bathing
Zyna Hel – Catacombs
The Erised – Liar
Effie – Pressure
The Fin – White Breath
Vessels – Are You Trending?
Moonface & Siinai – Them Call Themselves Old Punks
Pink Oculus – Overdue
Jim Perkins & Tom Gaisford – Kyrie
Maria Usbeck – Jungla Inquieta
Dems – Gold
Magical Mistakes – Annihilated
Jain – Come
Basia Bulat – Long Goodbye
Moddi – Punk Prayer
The Hearing – Robot Vs Human Heart
Rex Domino – Sam’s Spoon
Amanda Mair – Wednesday
The Bridport Dagger – Harry Dean Stanton
Parc en Ciel – pH
Colder – Inside
Lyra – Rabbit In The Headlights
Annabel Jones – IOU
Sh?m – Mob Boss
William Tyler – Gone Clear
Anchorsong – Expo
Slowolf x Kimbra – White Feathers
Dälek – Control
Fakear – Sheer-Khan
Rukhsana Merrise – Money
Femme En Fourrure – Seer
Ofelia K – Cinco
Anna Of The North – Baby
Wesley Gonzales – I Spoke To Euan
Jennifer Evans – Bakkos
Marcus Whale – My Captain
I Wear Experiment – Patience
Le Voir – Gravity
Babymetal – Karate
Fiordmoss – Madstone
Mikeneko Homeless x Masayoshi Iimori – America (feat Nagi Nemoto)
A Ching Zeng Compilation Called Yumi
Iiris – Hope
Omaar – Heartbreak
Mitski – Your Best American Girl
Brodka – Horses
Dcnxtr – Summer Rain
NY*AK – Dollar
White Lung – Hungry
Gold Panda – Time Eater
Hana – Clay
Orka – Grind
Teleman – Dusseldorf
Berger – Apologize
Nevermen – Mr Mistake
Jorja Smith – Blue Lights
Let’s Eat Grandma – Deep Six Textbook
The Invisible – Save You
Joy Crookes – New Manhattan
Highasakite – Someone Who’ll Get It
Rina Sawayama – Where U Are
Guns – I Know Exactly How It Feels
Sophie Beem – Skyline
Synne Sanden – Sweet Electricity
Three Trapped Tigers – Silent Earthling
Jibóia – Ankara
Colour – Nowhere
PJ Harvey – The Wheel
A Nighthawk – Dune
EinarIndra – Sometimes I’m Wrong
Lovespeake – DNA
Ekkah – Small Talk
Fort Romeau – Seventyfour
Sofi Tukker – Matadora
PAUW – Visions
Steve Mason – Planet Sizes
LCD Soundsystem – Christmas Will Break Your Heart