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Playlist: FOE

By | Published on Thursday 9 February 2012


Having teamed up with CMU approved producer Entrepreneurs in 2010, Hannah Clarke, aka FOE, released her debut EP, ‘Hot New Trash’, via indie label Stella Mortos in early 2011. A few months later she was signed to Universal’s Vertigo imprint and locked herself away to prepare her debut album.

That long player, ‘Bad Dream Hotline’, was released in January, featuring a sound straddling grunge and pop that had won her support slots with artists as diverse as Atari Teenage Riot, Ghostpoet and Metronomy.

With the album out and a first round of touring for 2012 completed, we asked FOE to put together a playlist for us. Of her selections, she says: “This playlist is mainly made up of the artists and bands that I have always loved. A combination of songs that I grew up with, and songs that I still listen to now, because they remind me of a time or they mean a lot to me. In fact these probably are some of my favourite songs ever for those reasons. They are also some of my biggest personal influences in my own music and writing. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!”

Click here to listen to Hannah’s playlist in Spotify, and then read on to find out more about their choices.

01 Nirvana – Serve The Servants
This is one of my favourite Nirvana songs, from my favourite Nirvana album, ‘In Utero’. I’ve always loved the lyrics, they’ve always connected with me for some reason. Part of the soundtrack to my youth.

02 PJ Harvey – Good Fortune
The first PJ Harvey song I heard. I instantly fell in love. I listened to this a lot on my CD Walkman at school, aged thirteen.

03 The Beach Boys – God Only Knows
A real tear jerker. I really loved this song after hearing it in the film ‘My Life Without Me’. Some people believe this is the best pop song ever written.

04 Captain Beefheart – Gimme Dat Harp Boy
This song is just quite nostalgic for me. I remember my dad playing it a lot, and I’ve since been a Beefheart fan. I love the sound of the harmonica too. His music is genius, it’s like controlled insanity.

05 Radiohead – Exit Music (For A Film)
This song reminds me of my first boyfriend. Radiohead were a HUGE part of the soundtrack to my teenage years. I have done a lot of sobbing to this song in particular.

06 Garbage – Medication
In my first band at thirteen we tried to cover this song at the school Valentine’s disco. It didn’t work out… we weren’t good enough, but I still LOVED this song at the time.

07 The Doors – Soul Kitchen
You just can’t fault Ray Manzarek’s organ solos. I put The Doors on when I feel like dancing.

08 The Kills – Fried My Little Brains
I love The Kills, and this is such a foot stomper of a tune. Love the guitar sound. I remember asking a DJ to play this in a club and I cleared the dance floor with my shapes.

09 Portishead – Glory Box
I am a huge Portishead and Beth Gibbons fan. This song makes me feel like I’m in a movie. There’s a certain drama to it. Beth’s voice is incredible.

10 Nick Cave – Into My Arms
Nick Cave has such an incredible way with words. Despite his cold delivery, this is a beautiful song. Fragile but strong.