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Playlist: Karima Francis

By | Published on Thursday 29 March 2012

Karima Francis

Singer-songwriter Karima Francis released her debut album, ‘The Author’, via Kitchenware Records in 2009. Last year she signed to Universal’s Vertigo for the follow-up, ‘The Remedy’. Produced by Flood, the album is scheduled for release this summer and will be preceded by the single ‘Wherever I Go’ on 13 May.

Having played a one-off show at The Slaughtered Lamb in London last week she will head out on a full UK tour in April, starting at The Plug in Sheffield on 21 Apr and finishing up at nineteenth centre music hall Hoxton Hall on 17 May

Before all that, we asked Karima to put together a playlist for us. Of her choices, she said: “When it comes to doing tasks like making playlists I get really scared. I’m not fashionable when it comes to music at all. Music is somewhat about survival for me in a sense; I listen to music to get me through things, one way or another. When I actually step out of my own music, I seem to delve into the world of damaged emotion. Don’t get me wrong, I hear a lot of new music that I love, but there are only select key artists, who break the skin and get into my heart. It’s surreal looking at some of the artists on my list and remembering when I first took to them”.

Click here to listen to Karima’s playlist in Spotify, and then read on to find out more about her choices.

01 Tom Waits – Lonely
Not many songs have gone so deep that they’ve entered almost inside my womb. Just as perfect as a song should be.

02 Van Morrison – I’ll Be Your Lover Too
I like it when instruments tell the tale more than the lyrics themselves. The production on this track is some of my favourite that I’ve heard.

03 John Martyn – Hurt In Your Heart
When there is a key point in your life, you feel the need to use a song… I won’t tell you about ‘the key’ but this is the song.

04 Laura Marling – I Was Just A Card
Amazing track! I love how it goes from such a charming folk song to a 90s sounding classic. She is a clever talent, one that I admire very much.

05 Chrysta Bell – This Train
This is produced by David Lynch. I’m a huge fan of Lynch and I love what he has created here with this artist. It has a beautiful vocal sound and slap back reverb. A very venerable track.

06 Tim Buckley – Morning Glory
Again the production of the track is what makes it special. I feel I like I am with him. The flute that accompanies Buckley… this song breaks my heart.

07 Simon & Garfunkel – Old Friends
I have visited this string section many times when felt in desperate need of safety.

08 Michael Jackson – Human Nature
Jackson sings like a beautiful girl on this track, it makes me feel shiny like Peter Andre in the 90s!

09 Patsy Cline – Crazy
I’m sorry if all my songs are down beat and quite sad, it’s just what I connect with. These song just suit the moment which is now, tomorrow will be a different playlist.

10 Annie Lennox – Love Song For A Vampire
This is one of my most memorable melodies. Haunting. It scares me, but that’s why I like it.