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Playlist: Lescop

By | Published on Wednesday 3 July 2013


French musician Matthieu Lescop released his eponymous debut album, dropping his first name for the project, last month. A collection of dark pop and punked up disco, he’s already drawn wide acclaim from the indie press, with increased live activity over the summer months – not least an appearance at London’s OohLaLA! festival (21-24 Oct) – set to bring in more.

And he’s in good company too. The album was produced by John & Jehn’s Johnny Hostile, while videos are handles by Savages’ (and, of course, John & Jehn’s) Jehnny Beth. A fine example of this partnership at work can be found in the video for ‘La Foret’.

Says Lescop: “We’re never easy on ourselves. We are really interested in musical contradictions as we think this is where the magic happens. We want to mix French popular music with punk, we want our pop to be bipolar; we fight against musical boredom, it’s a controlled chaos, a love story”.

With the album now out, we got in touch with Lescop and asked him to put together a playlist for us, the results of which you can see below.

Subscribe to this playlist on Spotify, and then read on to find out more about Matthieu’s choices.

01 Eddie Cochran – Skinny Jim
The first song I fell in love with, when I was five years old. It sounds sharp, aggressive and cool.

02 Horace Andy – Riding For A Fall
One of the best songs of Jamaican music, best voice, best lyrics, deep sound…

03 Frustration – Worries
French punk at its best, sounds like a frontkick.

04 The Sound – Party Of The Mind
Beautiful song, really sad. I love his voice too.

05 The Dead Boys – All This And More
If rats could form a band, I think they would look like The Dead Boys. This song sounds ugly, nasty, and sexy. Coolest punk band in the world.

06 La Femme – It’s Time To Wake Up
Something between The Velvet Underground and B-movies

07 Thin Lizzy – Running Back
I love this song, it makes me cry every time, the lyrics are so gloomy, I love Phil Lynott’s singing.

08 Roxy Music – More Than This
Listen to that song, close your eyes, and imagine you’re in Miami in 1982, making love with Jerry Hall.

09 We The People – In The Past
One of the coolest guitar riffs of the 60s, makes you want to dance all night with Twiggy!

10 Jef Barbara – Les Homosexuelles
A guy from Québec, amazing singer, funny lyrics too! It talks about girls who pretend to be lesbian in order to excite hetero guys! Hahaha!