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Playlist: Pinback

By | Published on Tuesday 6 November 2012


Originally formed in 1988 by the core duo of Rob Crow and Zach Smith, Californian indie outfit Pinback released their debut album, ‘This Is A Pinback CD’ in 1999.

Smith is also the frontman of Three Mile Pilot, while Crow has moonlighted with Deftones frontman Chino Moreno’s Team Sleep side project, along with many others, not to mention his own solo work.

On 12 Nov, Pinback release their fifth studio album, ‘Information Retrieved’, via Temporary Residence – the long awaited follow-up to their most successful album to date, 2007’s ‘Autumn Of The Seraphs’. To promote it, they will be in the UK for a one-off show at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen in London on 13 Dec.

Ahead of that, we asked Rob to put together a playlist for us.

Click here to listen to Rob’s playlist on Spotify, and then read on to find out more about his choices:

01 Family Fodder – Savoir Faire
This is my favourite song, so I put it on every list.

02 7 Seconds – Remains To Be Seen
I love short energetic punk songs with lots of “whoooaaas” in them. It was a toss-up between this and ‘This Is The Angry Part 2’. I went for kind of a ‘doom version’ of this in our track ‘Proceed To Memory’.

03 Ennio Morricone – Dies Irae Psichedelico
I love rock versions of ‘Dies Irae’ and this is one of my favourites.

04 Slint – Nosferatu Man
This album left an incredible impression on me that I’ve never lost. There is already a book and an upcoming documentary about it, so I’ll let them explain it better. Can’t wait!

05 Beach Boys – Til I Die (Alternative Mix)
Brian Wilson > Mike Love. The nicest thing I can say about Mike Love is also not a nice thing, so I shan’t.

06 Boilermaker – Norman
Our fallen friend and bandmate Terrin Durfey here on bass and vocals in this legendary San Diego band. Please wear sunscreen. Cancer is an unforgiving prick. That guy was the best.

07 Rites Of Spring – Hain’s Point
This band hated the term ’emotional hardcore’, and I can understand that, yet I feel very emotional when listening to this track, so you can throw an extra layer of guilt on top of there I suppose.

08 Drive Like Jehu – Super Unison
Often imitated, but impossible to equal. This is the real shit. Shivers.

09 Captain Beefheart – Dirty Blue Jean
Don Van Vliet is my biggest musical inspiration. For our first ten years, Pinback would play Captain Beefheart’s ‘Doc At The Radar Station’ album before every show. If I wasn’t on stage and tuning by the time this song came on, that meant I was probably late.

10 The Free Design – Kites Are Fun
Because kites ARE fun. Lighten up.