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Playlist: The Great Escape 2012 Part 2

By | Published on Thursday 15 March 2012

The Great Escape

It’s March, a month that begins with an M. Two months from now we’ll be in another month beginning with an M, May. In fact, exactly two months from now we’ll be in a month beginning with an M and recovering from the Great Escape. I probably could have just gone straight for that, rather than dwelling on all this M business.

Anyway, what I’m trying to tell you is that The Great Escape is coming. Over here at CMU HQ we’re still putting the finishing touches on the convention programme, while at the TGE offices they’re pulling together the final line-up of bands who will entertain us in the evenings. Having announced the first wave of acts in February, another 90 bands were added to the bill earlier this month. For this week’s playlist we’ve taken a look through the latest additions and pulled out a few of our favourites.

Listen to our first TGE 2012 playlist here. And then enjoy the second below…

Click here to listen to the playlist in Spotify, and then read on to find out more about our choices.

01 AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It
This track by pop duo AlunaGeorge was our favourite single of 2011, and so was earmarked to open this playlist the moment they were announced as being on the line-up for this year’s Great Escape. Hopefully by May they’ll have another single out, plus we’ll be edging ever closer to their debut album.

02 Porcelain Raft – Drifting In And Out
Porcelain Raft’s ‘Strange Weekend’ is one of this year’s best albums by far. The dreamy, shoegazey sounds created by Mauro Remiddi contained within it wash back and forth over you on record, while live they’re even more immersive.

03 EMA – Milkman
EMA’s packed show in Horatio’s at the end of the pier was one of last year’s highlights at The Great Escape. This year she’ll be back in a bigger venue, though I’d imagine her performance will be no less over-subscribed.

04 Maximo Park – Apply Some Pressure
Maximo Park are the second Dome Show headliner to be announced, following the Africa Express Sound System. Their performance at The Dome has already been met with a wave of excitement, and will see them previewing tracks from their first album since 2009’s ‘Quicken The Heart’. But for now, here’s an old classic.

05 Disclosure – Offline Dexterity
Croydon-based brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence have been drawing on their local area’s rich electronic music scene, taking elements of everything from garage and electro to dubstep, for the last couple of years. Here’s their 2010 debut single ‘Offline Dexterity’.

06 Foxes – Home
Louisa Rose Allen, aka Foxes (to avoid confusion with a certain other L Rose Allen), began to make headway towards the tail end of last year with a collection of intriguing demos. Having signed to Simon Fuller’s Sony Music imprint Sign Of The Times last month her debut album is now in the works.

07 Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves Of Destiny – Dodecahedron
This year’s big hope for folk, Beth Jeans Houghton released her debut album with backing band The Hooves Of Destiny, ‘Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose’, last month. Armed with a set of deceptively gentle songs, she’s sure to be quite a draw come May.

08 Grass House – Faun
Channelling Brighton resident Nick Cave, dark storytellers Grass House currently have just two singles to their name, but songs as good as ‘Faun’ need time to fully sink in, so it’s probably for the best that they take things slow. Start familiarising yourself now.

09 Antlered Man – Outrages 1 Ta 3
Antlered Man will be on hand to provide some drama with their slow, brooding metal, reminiscent in many ways of earthtone9, Melvins and Queens Of The Stone Age. This single from last summer will be a highlight of their set.

10 Rolo Tomassi – Party Wounds
Great Escape veterans Rolo Tomassi didn’t play the festival in 2011, so this year they make a welcome return. Having just been through a bit of a line-up shuffle, it’ll be interesting to see what the new additions, bassist Nathan Fairweather, formerly of Brontide, and ex-No Coast guitarist Chris Cayford, bring to the party.