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Please don’t travel to France in an attempt to find Pete Doherty after reading this

By | Published on Thursday 8 October 2015

Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty has asked fans not to try to visit him in the small French village where he now spends some of his time. The plea comes after the name of the village was mentioned in interviews with the French media.

The name was also mentioned in the statement asking fans to stop coming there, which means I’m going to say it now. But please don’t go there after reading this. He probably won’t even be there.

“Peter recently discussed living in Melun in an interview for a French publication and during a French TV show ‘Le Grand Journal’ mentioned the small village where he resides”, says the statement. “For clarity; Peter does spend time there with his girlfriend, who is the tenant of the house, but also has a registered address in the UK, obviously his time spent in either location works around commitments throughout Europe and the rest of the world”.

It continued: “Unfortunately, much to our dismay a journalist from another French publication has detailed the exact location of the property in a very inappropriate and bizarre recent online article. Whilst Peter is a public figure he also reserves the right to a private life and if you love and respect him please do not visit”.

If you want to see Pete(r) Doherty in an appropriate manner, you can buy tickets for one of the Libertine’s upcoming live shows in January. I hear the shows will have a French village theme and everything. So don’t forget to take a baguette with you.