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Single Review: PLUG – Fresh Pleasures (Parlour Records)

By | Published on Monday 10 November 2008


Sounding like a less polished Robots In Disguise, PLUG comprises the various deliberations of Sian and Georgie, who have released a hideously catchy tune in ‘Fresh Pleasures’. The interesting thing about the track, though, is that however catchy the song may be, there’s not one portion of the song that gives the listener the opportunity to sing along. While this might be a negative thing, the result is that this completely original yet bizarre song makes you instantly want to hear more from the duo. And so I stick around for the b-side. ‘Nonchalant Love’ isn’t as lyrically interesting as ‘Fresh Pleasures’, but musically is a dense, industrial tune that really showcases the band’s talent. Overall, this single makes me quite want to see this band live; I’m sure it would be an incredible experience. GM

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