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Pokemon invade music venues

By | Published on Monday 25 July 2016

Pokemon Go

All over the world right now, people are busy fulfilling the vital and important work of finding Pokemon and catching them in small balls. And the work being carried out through the new ‘Pokemon Go’ app never stops, not even on a night out.

You might be waiting for Garth Brooks to come on stage, or watching Kaiser Chiefs play a few of their songs, but there’s Pokemon catching work to be done. So much so, Bandsintown has already compiled a list of US gig venues where these creatures can be found. Pokemon do not respect your leisure time, and they must be trapped and forced to fight each other at every possible opportunity.

Some people don’t recognise how vital this work is though, and think that you should leave those Pokemon alone while you watch artists sing. A Beyonce fan called out someone in front of them at a show over the weekend in an Instagram video. You might argue that shouting loudly while Beyonce was performing was worse fan behaviour than having a quick look at your phone, but this person would apparently not agree.

Meanwhile, Rihanna explicitly forbade fans from “catching any Pokemons up in this bitch”. But what if there’s a rare one in the stadium, Rihanna? What then? They can’t just be left to hop off into the sunset, can they? Let’s get some perspective here.