Police confiscate N-Dubz’s paint guns

By | Published on Tuesday 6 April 2010

Police in Newcastle reportedly confiscated paint guns from N-Dubz boys Dappy and Fazer after they pelted a group of fans outside the city’s O2 Academy with green paint. According to a source, the two N-Dubbers bought five paint pellet guns in Newcastle ahead of their gig in the city last week, and were playing with them outside their tour bus, which was parked outside the Academy venue.

They were initially firing the paint pellets at each other, but then seemingly turned on a crowd of fans. I’m assuming most of the fans – who were pretty painty by the time police arrived – enjoyed being fired at by the N-Dubbers, but a complaint was nevertheless made to the authorities. Although Dappy reportedly argued with police when they arrived to confiscate the guns, a spokesman for Northumberland Police said the incident was amicable.

The poliee said in a statement: “Police were called to a coach at the back of the O2 Academy following a complaint that pellets were being fired. The two people involved had been firing plastic guns at each other which discharged a 6mm-sized pellet. They were very apologetic and handed the toy guns over voluntarily. No complaint of injury has been made. No arrests were made. Advice was given to the parties involved”.