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Police publish two photos belonging to Kurt Cobain after reviewing files about his death

By | Published on Friday 21 March 2014

Cobain Photo

Police in Seattle have released two photos developed from four rolls of film that belonged to late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, and which were seemingly seized after his untimely death by suicide in 1994, but never developed until now.

The photos, about which a police spokeswomen said “there is nothing earth-shattering in any of these images”, show a box of drug paraphernalia, a spoon and what are likely needles, plus sunglasses, a wallet and cigarettes.

The undeveloped film was discovered after a detective revisited the police files covering Cobain’s death ahead of the upcoming twentieth anniversary of his passing. Various conspiracy theories have circulated over the last two decades, of course, offering alternative theories about how the Nirvana frontman may have died.

But in a statement on the Seattle Police Department’s website, the detective who reviewed the files and found the undeveloped films, Mike Ciesynski, writes: “Sometimes people believe what they read – some of the misinformation from some of the books – that this was a conspiracy. That’s completely inaccurate. It’s a suicide. This is a closed case”.