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Pono makes a promise

By | Published on Friday 21 August 2015


Neil Young’s super high quality download operation PonoMusic has announced a new pledge, to resupply music to its users whenever it becomes available in an even more super high quality format. It’s called the PonoPromise.

Says the company behind the proprietary Pono digital music player and its accompanying download store: “With interest in high-resolution music growing, an increasing amount of the music is being released and then reissued by the record labels at higher resolutions. That creates a dilemma for consumers. Should they buy the best album resolution available now and worry they might have to re-purchase if it is released at a higher resolution later?”

But dilemma yourself no more. “The PonoPromise, introduced by Neil Young, solves this problem. Customers can buy PonoMusic knowing they will never have to purchase the same music again”. Though, do note, “to be eligible, a customer needs to have made the original album purchase from”.

So there you go.

CMU Editor Andy Malt is away at the moment, so can I just take this opportunity to say what a brilliant idea Pono is, how everyone can definitely tell the difference between 320kps MP3s and high quality WAV files, how a high def download store is definitely what the music industry needs in 2015 whatever you tedious streamers say, and that a triangular digital music player is just genius. All of which is dog shit of course, but it’ll annoy Andy if we all go around saying that. So, join with me one and all: “PONO IS FUCKING AMAZING”.