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Pono unveiled, ready to order

By | Published on Thursday 8 January 2015


Now, it’s no secret that we’re all big fans of Neil Young’s totally needed high-quality audio download service Pono here at CMU.

Who wouldn’t want to pay $399 for a totally unhelpful triangular shaped digital music device in an era where people don’t have standalone music devices anymore? Who wouldn’t want to pay $22 to download an album to play on said device? Who wouldn’t want to start building a high quality audio download collection in 2015 just as the world moves on to streaming, and equally high quality streaming services become available? Only a non-idiot wouldn’t want admission to this party.

Anyway, Pono is here, with Young using the CES convention in Las Vegas to properly unveil his Kickstarter-funded device. The Pono download store is open and you can order your triangular bit of high-quality nonsense now for delivery next month.

Though wasn’t it good of Sony to step in at the last minute with that £949 walkman to ensure the Pono doesn’t seem quite so stupidly over-priced after all?