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Pontins confirms first of next month’s ATP festivals definitely happening

By | Published on Monday 7 March 2016


Organisers of the ATP festivals posted on update on Friday confirming that Pontins had now informed its customers services department that the first of the two ATP events that are incoming is definitely going ahead. The second event is also definitely going to occur, ATP chiefs say, though a few more “organisational details” need to be worked through to get Pontins to confirm that one too.

As previously reported, there was much speculation last week that the two ATP festivals due to take place in April may have been cancelled, after Pontins put chalets at its Prestatyn park on general sale during the weekends when ATP is due to occur there.

When asked why that had happened, Pontins initially said that the festivals’ promoter had cancelled the events, but then clarified that there was an overdue payment which had put ATP on hold on its system.

Team ATP have insisted throughout that the two festivals were still going ahead as planned, though admitted that a payment had been delayed. Friday’s announcement presumably means payments are now up to date on the first ATP festival, with an additional payment possibly still due on the second; though organisers referred instead to “organisational difficulties”.

But those going to the Stewart Lee curated festival can take heart that Pontins have now said that “our customer services department has been made aware that the event on 15th April is going ahead so any queries we receive we will inform them of this”.

Meanwhile those hoping to go to the Drive Like Jehu curated event a week later will have to take ATP at its word when it says “we would like to assure customers who have purchased tickets, or those who intend to, that this event will be going ahead”.

Fears that the two ATP festivals might not happen following Pontins’ initial announcement last week were in part down to the promoter having cancelled past events at short notice.