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Pop stars read CBeebies Bedtime Stories from Glastonbury

By | Published on Monday 27 June 2022

Arlo Parks, CBeebies, Glastonbury

More pop stars will be reading bedtime stories this week as part of the BBC’s ‘CBeebies Bedtime Stories’ programme, having recorded their story-telling at this weekend’s Glastonbury Festival. But which pop stars? Arlo Parks, Phoebe Bridgers and Guy Garvey.

What are they reading? Well, later today viewers will get to see Parks reading ‘Once Upon A Rhythm’ written by James Carter and illustrated by Valerio Vidali. Then tomorrow Garvey will deliver ‘A Little Bit Brave’ written and illustrated by Nicola Kinnear. And on Wednesday you’ll get Bridgers reading ‘The Spectacular Suit’, written by Kat Patrick and illustrated by Hayley Wells.

Says Parks: “It was an absolute pleasure to read a ‘CBeebies Bedtime Story’ from Glastonbury and bring joy and dreams to young people – what a special moment!”

Meanwhile Garvey – who has done some CBeebies story-telling before – adds: “The first time I did a ‘CBeebies Bedtime Story’ it was for the rest of the band’s kids, I didn’t have any of my own. Now I’ve got one and they’ve got more. The book I’ve chosen is a favourite bought for me by my best friend Pete Jobson who also has a couple of munchkins. So this is a lovely way to do something for all of them and to be doing it at the best party in the world is a super bonus”.

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