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Pop stars share their Shazamed tracks

By | Published on Wednesday 1 July 2015


“The biggest stars in the world are also the biggest fans” says Shazam. Yeah. Of themselves. The egotistical self-important self-centred self-obsessed self-serving twats. Yeah Robin Thicke, I’m looking at you. Not you Alicia Keys, we all know you’re too busy reading the works of Friedrich Nietzsche to be thinking about yourself.

Anyway, Shazam yesterday launched a new feature whereby you can see what tracks various pop stars are tagging via the song-recognition app, and thereby navigate the world of new music based on what established artists are listening too. Right now. Well, right last week

So Calvin Harris, who seemed to be doing a lot of tagging five days ago, would direct you to ‘Shots Fired (Original Mix)’ by Mightyfools & Mike Hawkins. Shazam would then direct you to listen to the track on Apple Music, which is what Tidal backer Harris would definitely want you to do. Definitely.

Says Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz (what? yeah, him, what of it?): “As an artist, I’m a big fan of discovering new music and Shazam helps me keep a pulse on that. I’m stoked to be able to share what I’m into with millions of fellow music fans”.

Shazam are also making public for the first time tag counts, that is to say how often any one track has been tagged – or ‘Shazamed’, did that ever become a verb, I can’t remember – by users of the app. So 5887 other people have tagged ‘Shots Fired (Original Mix)’ for example. Which is good to know.