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Pre-release promo platform Byta launches Generic Links

By | Published on Tuesday 22 August 2017

During all the chit and the chat about the possible collapse of SoundCloud prior to it securing a new round of funding earlier this month, some people noted that the service remains particularly popular among opinion formers in the music industry and the music media. Many said opinion formers like getting pre-release music via a SoundCloud private link, because then linking through to the track is super-easy, and bookers, programmers, journalists and DJs can easily share the link with other colleagues.

Pre-release promo platform Byta yesterday announced a new ‘Generic Links’ feature that aims to bring that kind of flexibility to its service. It means artists and labels sharing new music with key opinion formers over its platform – whatever the format being shared – can now send generic links via email or messaging apps that are easy to use and which recipients can then share with any colleagues who also have Byta accounts.

Byta says Generic Links is “a new step forward in private links”, adding that “now everyone from the smallest of artists to the biggest companies in the world can create Generic Links, easily shareable in email or via messaging services like iMessage, Facebook Messenger and Skype”. Meanwhile founder Marc Brown added: “No matter what’s being shared – mixes direct from the studio or albums requiring the tightest security possible – they all come in one simple shareable link”.