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Preoccupations announce Arrangements

By | Published on Wednesday 15 June 2022


Preoccupations have announced details of their fourth album, ‘Arrangements’, which will be released later this year. They’ve also shared first single ‘Ricochet’.

The band’s first album since 2018’s ‘Material’, they began work on the new record in 2019. The pandemic then put a stop to proceedings, until guitarist and synth player Monty Munro managed to set up a studio in his parents’ house, where he ended up locking down.

From there, he worked remotely with vocalist and bassist Matt Flegel and guitarist Danny Christiansen, sending tracks back and forth, before drummer Mike Wallace was eventually able to get into a studio to add his parts. So, a fairly slow and laborious process. Also, Munro “obsessively” doubled all his keyboard parts on guitar and vice versa, then sampled those recordings and cut them up to make new parts, which also sounds quite time consuming.

Anyway, the album is done now, and will finally be out on 19 Sep. You should get ready for it to be dark too. “The lyrics are pretty conspicuous and self explanatory on this one”, says Flegel”, but it’s basically about the world blowing up and no one giving a shit”.

Listen to ‘Ricochet’ here: