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Presenters revealed for new BBC primetime music show 

By | Published on Monday 25 September 2017

Sounds Like Friday Night

The BBC has announced more details about its new primetime music show, which has the title ‘Sounds Like Friday Night’. Though for the youth demographic it will need to reach, it should probably be called ‘Sounds Like Whenever You Choose To Watch It On The iPlayer Or Via An Unofficial Upload On YouTube’. I concede that’s not so catchy a title.

The new programme will be recorded in the studios that remain at the BBC’s former Television Centre home in London’s White City, which have just reopened after a major overhaul of the site. The show – which will initially run for six weeks – will be hosted by Radio 1’s Greg James, who will interview the artists that feature, and Radio 1 Xtra’s Dotty, who will be on chatting-to-the-audience and reading-out-tweets duty.

But that’s not it in terms of presenters because, in addition to Dotty and Greg, there’s the weekly superstar co-host who will be, and I quote, “sprinkling their own stardust over proceedings and making every episode a complete one-off”. I hope none of that stardust gets into all the new studio kit that’s just been installed at Television Centre.

As previously reported, because this is 2017, ‘Sounds Like Friday Night’ will also feature “topical entertainment and fun sketches” alongside singers singing their songs, and the celebrity guest host will also take part in all that shit. It’ll be hilarious, I’m sure.

Says James: “We have been missing a primetime music show from our TV screens for far too long, so it’s fair to say being part of ‘Sounds Like Friday Night’ is something I’m really, really excited about. One thing that’s fantastic about the show is being able to provide new and emerging acts a home alongside the megastars, introducing them to a new audience. Also having the opportunity to interview and have a laugh with some of the biggest stars in the world, on the actual telly, is completely brilliant. I can’t wait to get going!”

Dotty, meanwhile, is “THRILLED to be part of ‘Sounds Like Friday Night’, it’s going to be an amazing show. Each week I’ll be meeting fellow music fans from around the UK, getting the lowdown from the viewers on social media and bringing the best music to you at home”.

Don’t be thinking that it’s only Dotty who is “THRILLED” about this new programme though, which – as previously reported – is being developed by independent telly show maker Fulwell. Says BBC Music boss Bob Shennan: “BBC Music is THRILLED to be launching ‘Sounds Like Friday Night’ on BBC One this autumn, putting music centre stage for our audience and featuring the biggest UK and international stars”.

I have to say, the more I hear about this exciting, energising, innovative, inventive, gripping, ground-breaking, cutting-edge, thrilling new show, the more fucking awful it sounds. But hey, I’m not the target demographic am I? It’s not for me. What the fuck do I know? I should shut up and let the kids have their fun times.

And at least the BBC is actually making television that celebrates new music here, like it’s fucking meant to. Rather than playing at being a festival promoter, an awards producer and a trade fair operator. It’s nice to see the licence-fee funded broadcaster actually doing some broadcasting for once, rather than pursuing needless vanity projects that see the BBC competing – head on – with the music community it’s meant to be supporting.

So all hail ‘Sounds Like Friday Night’. Even if Friday night sounds a bit shit.