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Prince estate seeks final ruling on $4 million damages in unauthorised EP case

By | Published on Wednesday 14 November 2018


The Prince estate is awaiting approval of damages totalling almost $4 million in its case against a producer who attempted to release an unauthorised EP by the musician.

According to court papers seen by CMU, the Prince estate has requested that the judge in the case order Ian Boxill to hand over $3,960,287.65. This includes $3 million in damages set by an arbitrator, who ruled in August that Boxill had breached his contract with Prince. The remaining amount is to cover costs and attorney fees. It also demands that Boxill hand over all Prince recordings in his possession.

Boxill worked with Prince between 2006 and 2008, and in April last year announced plans to release a collection of six unreleased tracks they had collaborated on. However, shortly before the record’s release date, the Prince estate was granted a temporary restraining order blocking it, before getting a preliminary injunction banning the release.

The estate claims that a contract between Boxill and Prince said that any copyrights created as a result of the two men’s collaborations would be wholly owned by the latter. That would mean that Boxill could not release the music without Prince’s permission, which now means without the permission of the Prince estate.

The motion submitted by the Prince estate earlier this week aims to counteract attempts by Boxill to have the previous arbitration ruling rejected by the court. The estate wants the judge to confirm that it stands, and issue a final ruling in its favour.