Pro-P2Pers force offline, Tenenbaum gives interview

By | Published on Monday 20 September 2010

Members of the online collective Anonymous managed to force the website of the Recording Industry Association Of America offline this weekend in the third of three cyber attacks on organisations who have been proactive in the battle against P2P file-sharing.

The websites of the Motion Picture Association Of America and software company Airplex, which has been involved in attempts to take The Pirate Bay offline, were also targeted. Members of the online community employed a so called ‘distributed denial of service attack’, which basically overwhelms the server hosting a website forcing it to crash. Although all three websites went offline for a time, all were back online as of last night.

Talking of RIAA-haters, Joel Tenenbaum, one of the few file-sharers to fight – albeit unsuccessfully (to a point) – a P2P lawsuit instigated by the US record label trade body, has given a rare interview to a new online forum set up to discuss copyright issues, called Copygrounds. Given the Tenenbaum case was an interesting chapter in the story of the RIAA’s disastrous ‘sue-the-fans’ strategy, it makes for an interesting read, whatever your view of file-sharing. You can read it on the Torrentfreak website at this URL:

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