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Prof Green and Doritos make 360 degree video

By | Published on Wednesday 20 October 2010

Doritos are bringing a “late night entertainment” experience to the internet. Basically it’s a 360 degree interactive video featuring that Professor Green rapping chap. I don’t know why this is a ‘late night’ experience but that’s what the press release says, and who am I to argue with a press release? The video, filmed using cutting edge (apparently) 360 degree camera technology, features the Prof Green track ‘Coming To Get Me’, written especially for the project, I think.

Says the Prof: “I always want to push the limits with my music and get my fans to see me in a completely new way. When Doritos suggested filming my performance using 360 degree interactive technology I thought it was a wicked idea and couldn’t wait to record my new track. I hope people enjoy watching it as much as I did making it”.

Says the Dorito: “Doritos has a track record of bringing consumers entertainment experiences that push the limits and put them in control. This year, we’re raising the bar even higher and allowing consumers to discover new music in ground-breaking ways. Professor Green is an edgy, fun, entertaining and exceptional performer, which makes him a perfect ambassador for Doritos Late Night”.

The video appears at