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Proper announces digital tie up with IDOL

By | Published on Friday 27 January 2017


Music distribution firm Proper Music Group has signed a deal with digital distributor IDOL which will see the latter manage the former’s growing digital activity. Proper says that the alliance will enable it to “enhance its current digital distribution to match its industry-leading physical distribution services”.

And if you think that’s it, you’d be a fool. Oh no, there’s more. “Working with IDOL will allow Proper to offer an independent service from start to finish”, says Proper. “IDOL’s sophisticated playlist data, which is rolled into refined analytics programming, will also provide Proper and its label clients with an even more expansive understanding of audience demographics and consumption patterns”. And who doesn’t dig those audience demographics and consumption patterns?

“This partnership with Proper Music Group is certainly a milestone in our UK expansion and international development in general”, says IDOL boss Pascal Bittard. “We are THRILLED to work with such a key and like-minded actor of the independent community and have no doubt about the great results our two companies can achieve together”.

Meanwhile Proper chief Drew Hill adds: “It’s great to be partnering with such a proudly independent organisation as IDOL. Proper are wholly committed to providing exemplary digital services to our label clients, and this partnership will ensure we can deliver that”.