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Proud2 licence suspension ended

By | Published on Wednesday 10 October 2012

Proud 2

Proud2, the club venue under the O2 Dome, is set to reopen after a meeting of the Greenwich licensing sub-committee last week.

As previously reported, the East London spin-off of the Proud empire had its licence temporarily suspended by council officials after an incident on 2 Sep when two men were stabbed and a bouncer was hit with a bucket. The suspension forced promoters of a string of club nights already booked into the venue to find new locations for their events, and Proud boss Alex Proud criticised Greenwich Council for instigating the temporary closure, saying it endangered the “viability” of the venue.

But last week a meeting of the council’s licensing sub-committee ruled that the club could now reopen, subject to some new conditions, including changing the club’s designated supervisor and security staff, searching all customers on entry, and keeping a record of all people excluded from the venue.

There has been speculation on the impact the closure might have had on the Proud2 company, a joint venture between Proud and Dome operators AEG, though as yet nothing official has been said. Events were booked into the venue for this weekend, though it’s not currently known if they are going ahead – it may well depend on how quickly Proud management can get the new measures ordered by Greenwich Council in place.