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PRS For Music to review over 40 public performance tariffs

By | Published on Tuesday 8 September 2015

PRS For Music

The UK publishing sector’s collecting society PRS For Music is simplifying, streamlining and consolidating over 40 of its “tariffs”, in order to make it easier to acquire public performance licences for songs. So that’s nice. But not before a public consultation, mind. Because we all love a public consultation.

Rob Kirkham, overseeing all of this, says: “The purpose of the simplification programme is to create tariffs that are easy to understand and use. By reviewing public performance tariffs across a number of sectors, our aim is that customers can continue to utilise and enjoy PRS For Music’s repertoire in a simpler and more efficient way. The consultations will provide opportunities to engage with our customers offering them open lines of communication with us, as PRS seeks to ensure that we continue to operate modern and appropriate licensing schemes”.

The initial consultations will cover tariffs J, GP, O and the absolute classic, DS, which relates to various fitness and dance uses, and my favourite, the plucky underdog UC, which relates to universities and higher education. Get involved here.

As previously reported, PRS For Music is also conducting a consultation on Tariff LP, which covers royalties paid by concert and festival promoters. That review was launched in April, despite a 2011 decision to keep everything just the way it was.