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PRS Foundation revamps fund for behind-the-scenes music makers

By | Published on Friday 22 November 2019

PRS Foundation

Music charity the PRS Foundation has revamped what used to be called the Writer Producer Fund and which will now go by the name of the Hitmaker Fund. The scheme provides financial support to those involved in songwriting and music production behind the scenes, ie who are not also performers.

The charity says: “At a time where it is becoming harder for up and coming behind the scenes creatives to earn sufficient funds to forge a sustainable career in the music business, PRS Foundation’s Hitmaker fund serves to address the need to support these creators who are the bedrock of the modern music industry”.

The revamped scheme will have a streamlined application process and will also operate an online network that, the Foundation says, is “designed to connect talent and encourage collaboration”.

It’s open to songwriters and producers who have had at least three commercially exploited works, and funding received can be used on a variety of things, including studio hire, equipment purchases, professional development, training, international profile building or, simply, having the time to create.

Says PRS Foundation boss Joe Frankland: “The success of The Writer Producer Fund has shown the creative and career impact of significant support for those working behind the scenes. This new and improved Hitmaker Fund will build upon this foundation and connect more music creators to fast-track long-term careers. I’m looking forward to seeing who applies and how the support will impact their career”.